Why Nova Miningverse Choose WASD Studio?

Building a game in Web3 is about thinking of the product as a service, in this case, a videogame. Differing from the usual definition, and matching the references of the industry, such as GTA V and Fortnite, when we consider the value provided by a videogame nowadays, directly to mind should come two concepts: continuous development and roadmap.

The first concept alludes to the fact that a videogame should not remain static in terms of content if it wants to prevail on time, while the second one exists looking forward to retaining players in its ecosystem.

common practice on Web3 is outsourcing the game development, in the sense that you can dedicate more budget to the marketing aspect of the business, while another team is in the charge of carrying the final product.

While in most cases, this drives inconsistencies, when the project reach a certain level of success, new updates/setting/features would be needed, not being possible to reach an agreement with the original development studio for diverse reasons and delaying processes that, on a continuous ongoing field such as crypto, could cost to a project its reputation.

Considering all of this, in Nova, we are proud to communicate, as we previously announce, that WASD Studio, a reputed and experienced Web3 company, agreed to take part in Nova Miningverse, not only as developers but also part of the team permanently, as you could see on our whitepaper.

WASD Studio is composed of people with more than 10 years of expertise in the gaming development industry, with previously proven expertise with the most polyvalent gaming engine for mobile and browse data environments, Unity.

During the 10 years since its creation, WASD had several collaborations with high-value brands such as L’Oréal, Grupo Splittel, Alsea and Unity itself, accomplishing always high standards and reputation.

About the history of its team, having previously worked hand-to-hand in projects such as Candy Crush and Angry Birds, this team was always on the vanguard of technologies, not only about ordinary programming but also Blockchain, showing its accomplishments during the last 2022 by:

  • Having a well-deserved 1st position on the Ethereum Hackathon of the MexicoETH
  • Reaching an honorific 2nd position on the Clarity Hack Hackathon on Stacks

From Nova, we are happy to have them on board with us and also support the development of the Blockchain itself with our initiative, being sure that WASD Studio not only will play a key role in future company development but also exceed both, Nova and adopters’ expectations.

Keen to learn more?

Read the Nova Miningverse Whitepaper

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