The Big Three Strengths of Nova Miningverse

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Nova Miningverse Aesthetics

During the last quarter of 2021 and the whole of 2022, we were working silently but constantly. We build, we design, and we continued forward till we have a real product to show to continue with our marketing efforts.

Most of the Gaming of Web3 is built around the product, the final product is the key and will carry all of the infrastructural problems carried by the volatile crypto market environment.

From Nova, we believe of course that the final product is important, but strong fundamentals are, even more, being responsible of make the product endures even more.

A usual misconception about the Miningverse is that our final aim is to provide a game to customers, when this statement is true, but partially.

If you are here, we believe that you are one of those paladins of DYOR techniques, and for that reason, we wanted to give you additional insights: our game is the tool for driving community through our business model, ensuring rewards and additional passive incomes depending on adopters implication through the game itself and tournaments.

The reality is that the game could be, on a straightforward definition, considered an envelopment that hides the real potential of the staking platform, where we pretend to reward our loyal investors with passive incomes periodically.

In order to guarantee those statements, we settle our project on big three fundamentals:

  • We have our own Game Studio, WASD Studio, integrated as part of the core team of Nova Miningverse, and not outsourced as other competitors, providing real-time advancements and side-support when needed, not only to the game but its blockchain integration.
  • Economy game model backed by Bitcoin, ensuring the stability and continuity of passive income features such as stacking, play-to-earn characteristic and tournaments for its professional approach. First on industry adopting this model.
  • All Bitcoin supporting the project is directly mined in facilities owned by the team through our facilities in Georgia, using renewable energies, preventing the whole project from short-term European and international policies throw the use of clean energies, and having the project backed by HRH Prince Juan Bagration of Georgia.

Just to end up, in Nova we look forward to the revolution of the GameFi, that is why our goal in the next year, would be to state ourselves as Launchpad, serving as a filter for the Web3 gaming industry, elevating industry quality standards, and providing other developers with the needed resources to launch a successful title for the sake of the crypto-space community.

If you want to learn more about the Nova Hydromining initiative, you could find further information on our main website.

Keen to learn more?

Read the Nova Miningverse Whitepaper

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