First Play-to-Mine Metaverse of games

Backed by HRH Prince Juan Bagration


PVP in virtual reality

An all out battle between players and teams that want to destroy each other. Playable online and in Virtual Reality. Players will be able to enter regular tournaments and leaderboards to gain Bitcoin.

1 vs 1 or cooperative mode.

PVe – old school roguelike

A roguelike where the players must go through random rooms to reach the final boss. Like any classic roguelikes, the player will encounter upgrades along the way but will retain little to no progress if he dies.

How much time can you last in the Survivor mode?


Nova is backed by Bitcoin and Altcoin Mining, conducted at our facilities by NovaHydroMining.

Up to 100% of the Bitcoin and Altcoins mined can be used to develop the Miningverse even further or to continuously expand our Mining facilities.


Game Features

Regular Bitcoin Tournaments

To encourage players to participate in the Miningverse, we have designed exciting and regular tournaments rewarding players with Bitcoin mined at our facilities.

Staking & Swap

Players will be able to lock up their tokens to receive newly created NMV. Stakers will also be required to vote and play to claim rewards. NMV may be swapped with stablecoins and BTC. 

Market (NFT Marketplace)

Buy items, pets, upgrades or sell them for NMV. Craft your own equipment to give your Mining Guardian heroic power (and good looks)!

Gameplay Modes

Caves (PVE)

Test your mining skills, level up and defeat bosses to earn rewards.

Miningverse (Sandbox)

Buy land to build your own mining plant!

Gather resources, build upgrades and watch your miners prosper!

Wild West Mining (PVP)

100% war space. Store, feed and train your pets and prepare them for battles and earn rewards.


Open the handbook to learn in depth information about Nova Miningverse.



Building the community and excitement for the project launch.

  • Telegram Community.
  • Twitter Account.
  • Whitepaper.
  • Pitch Deck
  • Trailer ✓


  • Bitcoin Mining Facilities.
  • Decentralized Exchange.
  • NMV token launch.
  • Staking LP Tokens in the Bank to earn NMVs tokens.
  • Info Site with graphs and data.

Ecosystemn of Games

  • MVP of our first P2E Roguelike game.
  • Battle Royale Mode.


New resource extraction zones will be discovered in Nova miningverse. After the tremors caused by mining expeditions and confrontations in the caves.

  • Land Auction.
  • World Map Expansion.


Players will be able to build mining facilities on their land plots to mine resources, NMV and even bitcoin.

  • Miningverse terrains come with layers of randomly placed resources that can be mined and harvested by land owners.
  • Each parcel has different characteristics in terms of costs, risks, potential rewards to find, time to mine, relief, etc.
  • The Miningverse comes with randomly placed resource nodes which can be mined/harvested by buildings placed next to them.
  • Certain lands provide passive bonuses to your Mining Guardians and their pets.
  • Buildings can be upgraded to achieve higher multipliers.


  • Find, buy or craft powerful weapons that can be traded in our in-house marketplace for NMV tokens

Tournament System: PVE & PVP

  • Mining Guardians will be able to form parties and compete in regular PVP tournaments rewarded with BTC.

Join & Follow the COmmunity

Building the community and excitement for the project launch.





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