Minersia X-32: A New Era For GameFi

The Miningverse is a universe controlled and powered by the few owners of an extraterrestrial rare mineral, Serlylium, with the capacity to erase a whole planet in the wrong hands and the property to take all technology we already know to the next level.

Genetics are not as we knew, Earth regulations were not effective anymore, and lifespan could be easily extendable if you have the appropriate contacts and a bag of Serlylium. Some of those experiments took humans to scenarios never imagined before, while others created the biggest threats in this new existence.

The generally called “heroes” makes reference to those beings, humans or not, that have the ability to use magic and combat the threats of the Miningverse, sometimes for self-interest, and others to improve everyone’s situation.

Your first task when arriving at the Miningverse, will be choosing your NFT character, which will be the key to access to the two-game modalities we have at your disposal:

  • Deep Excavation (The Mines Roguelite): Multi-procedural dungeon with different threads and plenty of gold to collect, which will serve the purpose of being exchanged for NMV Tokens and character upgrades.
  • The Arena (Survivor Mode): endless rounds of enemies will threaten your life while you try to survive while receiving gold rewards and massive stats boost. Extract all the potential of your character, show the Miningverse community who rule this game and die with honour.

Our 5 selectable characters have unique gameplay and skills that will help you through your adventure, so choose the one who would adjust better to your playing style:

Ignar Brannson — Supreme Melee Type

Ignar is from Sigurd, a frozen continent in the north. He was forced to travel to the Industrial City in search of his kidnapped sister Nilsa Branndóttir. After a while, Ignar met some agents from Nova Corp, the agency that controls everything, they indicated that his sister was kidnapped by Ottar Erikson, also from Sigurd and now one of the champions of the Arena.

After joining the Arena, Ignar continued to improve and beat all his opponents with hopes of finally facing Ottar and rescuing his sister.

Vicent Loyal — A Sword to Rule Out

Son of one of the wealthiest families in the Miningverse, killed his father Maximus Loyal and was sent to the mines by the court. He managed to survive and plans to become the Grand Champion in the Arena and kill the members of the court that sent him to the mines.

Sabrina Waltz — The Magic Snipper

Sabrina is a mage apprentice and is finalizing the last semester of the prestigious Arcanist Order of the Miningverse. Although she knows all the arcanist elements, her speciality is fire.

While studying the arcanist arts in the teleportation class, she suffered an accident and teleported to the Arena by mistake. She was forced to face all the monsters, which wasn’t much of a problem.

Ratman XC-09 — Hybrid Improvement, Maximum Adaptability

Ratman is one of the failed or perhaps successful experiments conducted in the Miningverse. After escaping from the genetic laboratory of Nova Corp, Ratman joined the Arena on purpose to win and prove to the scientists he is worth something.

Darkest Shadow — The Silent Slayer

Darkest Shadow is an honourable member of the brotherhood of the most lethal assassins in the universe. They are usually hired for dirty jobs that are hard to pull o, like killing members of the court or even kings.

He was once hired by Johana Loyal to avenge the death of her father Maximus, by killing Vincent Loyal

Apart from the general appearance and abilities of each character, you will observe from the beginning that most of the visual components will vary from one player to another. This is what we call skin rarity.

Skin rarity is encompassed to damage, speed, defence and side effects, confirming the base stats RPG component of the gameplay. Some of them would be upgradable with gold, and some others with loot boxes.

Higher Rarity NFT’s have a special feature that enables players to stake them to receive periodic rewards from the on-chain NMV token.

Serlilyum gives our heroes also the ability to respawn once their health bar goes to 0. Following the trend of the Dark Souls saga, we implemented a system where every death in Deep Excavation (Arena only ends with the character’s death) is fined taking a percentage to determine all the earnings you got during the last session.

The variety of enemies that the game already have could be observed in the following picture, with already two bosses implemented in the game, which will take the player’s abilities to the limit. The amount and types of enemies will be improved in future to meet community demands. Be careful since most of them know how to perfectly blend in with the environment!

Just to end up, here would like to introduce a short caption of the world map. During the initial period, the marketplace and bank will enable players to operate and test the different features that the game offers, but this will be explained in further detail in future articles.

Guardian’s breeding will be one of the features that we prioritize to enable since it boosts players’ capability of succeeding in the most difficult levels and the interaction both from PvP and PvE.

Do you want to check our last trailer? Here is the link!

Keen to learn more?

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