Play2Earn Dilemma: A Challenge to Overcome

Written By Nova

Last 2021 was an unbelievable year for Gamefi, and we do not affirm observing the success of the clicking game (Aka Play-to-earn), but because of the excessive number of examples that we had as an unsustainable in-game economy that cost, on expenses of the newcomers, millions of dollars of loss to the average investor, having deserved the reputation of Ponzi.

Cryptomines, Plant vs Undead or even Star Atlas (before it could be released), are a few examples of this tendency. Most of them, have downgraded the concept of what videogames mean, to a mere browser-click game, erasing from the equation the fun factor, and enforcing to focus the perceived value of the project on human greed, but this is not what we are here to speak about.

Two different solutions were tested on the Gamefi projects from its origins to provide players/investors with a durable and profitable ecosystem:

  • In-game currency is directly associated with the game title, controlled in a major proportion of the total supply by the developers, preventing the core price from massive dumps. This demonstrated to be a temporary solution, since, depending on the projection of the game, it was a matter of time before the players would possess the majority of the supply, or an exploit could be found.
  • Oracle token, basing its value by addressing another top market cap altcoin. This initiative was only valid during the Bullrun for obvious reasons, being not a solution to the dilemma of durable play-to-earn ecosystems.

In addition to the aforementioned approaches, we have also to consider the ecosystem where projects are developed. Having witnessed the decay of top-tier environments such as Terra, even if their gaming projects in its ecosystem did not reach fame, we cannot deny that they not only existed but perished because of external circumstances.

Bearing in mind these reasonings, from Nova we conclude that the only way of providing the expected value to our investors, needs to address first the following trilemma:

Playability is ensured by each of the efforts Nova already is pulling by avoiding the mere web browse-click model, following the steps, of industry references such as Hades, when we speak about our roguelike genre, or Valorant, about the VR shooter. Both of them will be released to our investors during Q2 of 2023 as preliminary projects of our ecosystem.

Accessibility. Despite the reputation of the BSC Chain, it proved to be the best choice, not because of the fees, the number of incubators and partnerships available for developers, but its strength when it comes to privacy, an aspect of crypto that is going to experiment a huge change based on government actions.

Profitability, and here is where we came to shine. As we spoke, oracle and in-game currencies showed their weaknesses when it came to providing real and durable value to users, who sacrifice their time or even made Gamefi their main occupation. What if we would reward users with the predominant and main cryptocurrency, which was the origin of everything we know nowadays?

As you were wondering, we, of course, speak about Bitcoin, Bitcoins, that are not directly coming from our private funding, but directly obtained through the process of mining, that all of you could support and expand through the interaction with Nova ecosystem, ensuring constant value to our gamers.

Maybe in the future, even as a remote possibility, we could see Bitcoin going to 0, but it does not look like it in the medium term. It will be in the paper/ diamond hands of the players if, once exchanged, they decided to sell or hold those Bitcoins they will earn, but what we can ensure, is that they will have the option of being rewarded on the top-market cryptocurrency.

Do you want to know more about our value proposal? Do not miss our next article.

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