Could a Nova Miningverse Account be Resold for a Fortune?

Never marry with a Web3 project, unless it is Bitcoin backed

Multiplayer online games have been around for over 20 years. With a player base of millions, it’s not surprising that video games have a thriving economy, with players buying, selling, and trading in-game items and accounts. But what is the upper limit for the price of an online account?

First, it’s important to understand that the value of an account is determined by several factors, including the level and gear of the characters on the account, the amount of in-game currency and items the account has, and the current demand for accounts on the market. Accounts with high-level characters that are well-geared and have a lot of in-game assets, fetch high prices.

One of the most expensive accounts ever sold was the account of World of Warcraft (WoW)of a player named “Tigole,” which was sold for $10,000 in 2008. This account was notable for its high-level characters and rare in-game items. Since then, the price of WoW accounts has fluctuated, with some accounts being sold for as little as a few hundred dollars and others being sold for several thousand dollars.

Nowadays, the prices for the WoW account in the secondary market are much more moderate (around $1000 — $1500, depending on the server and the characters included in the account). However, it’s worth noting that these prices are not set in stone.

Another example? CS: GO accounts. The highest rank is Global Elite, and the accounts with this rank tend to be the most valuable and can be sold for a high price, with a cap of around $200 — $300, and again varying also depending on cosmetic assets, given that this game is not an RPG one.

And just to end, a recent one, Genshin Impact, with a cap price of around $1000 — $3000 per account, depending on the rarity of characters, and weapons included, because of the gacha system behind it.

It is crucial to remind that these tendencies are usually not explicitly accepted by the companies behind this title, but the reality is that, as long as does not impact other players’ experience, companies let the business run because of the positive impact on awareness and popularity.

Now, let’s gather all the characteristics of these three titles previously mentioned: gatcha (loot boxes), RPG progression and different tiers (segmentation), casually all of those elements that are present in the Nova Miningverse titles.

And here is where Blockchain makes its magic: Non-Fungible Token, transferable, unique and ideal as a save data of the progress of the players, a perfect hybrid memory card, where all your investments, dedication and assets will be transferable to another person, and we will not put barriers to that, that is not the spirit of Web3.

In Nova Miningverse, starting with Minersia X-32, you will have at your disposal game modes that will rely on character upgrades and equipment, that are achievable from both, in-game dedication and loot boxes (gacha), as well as an in-game currency, the gold, that used from both, PvE and PvP, with an additional sandbox mode, that relies on completely additional equipment apart, ensuring extraction cycles where passive income will be obtained in different grades, from clay, iron, and NMV token, to even Bitcoin, with tones of hours of dedication to get the highest rewards.

With all of these said, what else could we argue? A Nova Miningverse account will have three different values within it:

  • Real value: integrated by the value assigned to each of the assets that account contains, attributed to the weapons, equipment, guardians and mining machinery.
  • Speculative value: some of those assets will have limited stock within the game, which means that once obtained, not any new stock will be launched to the market, so will be the users the ones who will decide how much they are determined to pay.
  • Emotional value: maybe not the most important, but in the end, Nova Miningverse it’s a canvas where you invested your time and resources, so not always an estimation is worth paying for the only limited resource humans to have.

And with this thought ends today’s post, our beloved community. NFT uses are unlimited, and in Nova Miningverse we have clear which one we want to reflect in our value proposal: a logbook of your adventures

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