AAA Game Prices, A Barrier To Demolish

Might you be interested in purchasing some video games, sir?

The price of AAA (triple-A) games has been a topic of much discussion in recent years. AAA games are typically the most expensive and high-quality games on the market, and their prices can vary widely depending on several factors.

One factor that can affect the price of AAA games is the cost of development. AAA games are often created by large, well-established studios that have a lot of overhead costs, such as salaries for employees and rent for office space. Additionally, AAA games often require a large number of resources, such as art assets, programming, and testing, which can also drive up the cost of development.

Another factor to consider in AAA games is the platform on which they are released. AAA games that are released on consoles, such as the Xbox or PlayStation, tend to be more expensive than those that are released on PC. This is because console games often have to go through a certification process, which can add additional costs to the development process.

Finally, the marketing and distribution costs can also affect the price of AAA games as it needs to be available in a large number of stores. The marketing campaign for a AAA videogame typically includes a variety of different elements, such as advertising, public relations, and promotional events. Advertising can include television, print, and online ads, as well as billboards, posters, and other forms of out-of-home advertising, and just to have a most accurate example, an ad slot during the Super Bowl costs 2022 $6.2.

The current standard price for AAA games, after this explanation, finds its gap between $60 and $80, with an increasing tendency, that also demands a setup able to stand the technical requirements. But does the aforementioned meet the principles of what Web3 is supposed to be?

Just to begin, games in Web3 do not need some components of the classic game concept equation: distribution cost, office spaces, setup specifications, and the certification process… everything here is supposed to be working in cloud technologies and ready to be accessible worldwide, this is why we speak about decentralisation.

AAA games will eventually reach the crypto space, but the first steps need to be done before cloud technology is improved in the videogame field: while free-to-play is the most likely model to prevail in the industry for its lower barriers to entry and exiting, more complex formulas are built around in form of NFTs and in-game assets, it is shown to make the user pay a higher price in the long term, so the product needs to be redesigned as a service, not an immutable ordinary videogame.

The average investment on a GameFi title indeed exceeds the amount of $60-$80, but it is also true that this opportunity cost, when applied properly, opens to owners/holders the possibility of not only getting back the money invested but also moving to another title when the engagement is over, creating a more dynamic gaming environment.

With these said, we also believe that, as the trophy/achievement system showed to be in consoles and PC, a gaming wallet address could represent its owner, not only a ticket to enter the GameFi panorama but an entire portfolio of the experience and time dedicated, which could open positions for some jobs.

Web 3 is about airdrops, rewards, loyalty and of course earnings and losses, but what characterizes the field right now, is the current lack of employees because of the innovative environment. No one believed creating content for YouTube could be a solid source of income 15 years ago, and no one believe that streaming on Twitch could be profitable as well.

Web3 Gaming is going to be the phenomenon that will rocket e-sports and monetize the gaming profession, and in Nova, we are decided to be a part of it, here is why we offer and support every innovation carried on the field, and we are plenty open to collaborating, but with this said, do you still consider a price of $80 for a continuously evolving experience, that will not only give you fun but benefit you in a financial way?

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