What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin’s widespread coin design In Nova Miningverse, we want to make easier the entry of new users to Blockchain technologies, for that reason we will start to publish a really basic series of articles about the idea of Bitcoin and DeFi, aiming to make...

Why Did We Choose Georgia For Mining?

Despite its small size and population, we could see a whole migratory process to Georgia during the last years, not only for people but companies: attractive (green) electricity prices, favourable legislative restrictions, tax incentives and astonishing...

Play2Earn Dilemma: A Challenge to Overcome

Last 2021 was an unbelievable year for Gamefi, and we do not affirm observing the success of the clicking game (Aka Play-to-earn), but because of the excessive number of examples that we had as an unsustainable in-game economy that cost, on expenses of the newcomers,...
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